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      Being the emerging market and production base, China has drawn lots of overseas investors' attention. Thus how to get the most effective investment information, industry information and market information is vital to your investment decisions. can assist you, help you, and guide you through the road to success. is your guide when you want to invest in China

About us an English website for ShenZhen Faithfulness Consulting Co.,Ltd. which has been applying itself to meeting one of the international community's greatest needs, the need for up-to-date, China-based business and economic information. is the leading provider of China Business and Professional Information. It offers you a gateway to a large amount of the latest, most comprehensive, and one of the largest sources of China-based information, provides you with China-based information, including industry reports, market analysis and information services, and guides your investment in all kinds of professions in China including Steel, Coal Mining, Petroleum, food, Beverage, Tobacco, Textile, Furniture, Stationery, Electric Equipment, and Transportation industry. etc.
      Written by the experts of their respective professions, the following classic industry reports can tell you the exact information you need when you want to invest in China.

About the report
      The information data we apply to our analysis reports is collected by official
agencies, such as the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) PRC, Ministry of Commerce PRC and Chinese National Bureau of Statistics. On the base of Industry Economics theory, employing scientific statistic analysis, we provide not only the general situation but also the comprehensive information of each industry.
      In the analysis report, we use charts, graphs and tables to illustrate the ownership, scale, economic benefits, sales, production, and their imports and exports, etc.

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